Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Farther Afield

Farther Afield (Fairacre)Farther Afield by Miss Read
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I tried to read several books since the start of this year. Nothing stuck. Nothing grabbed me. Nothing, nothing, nothing. What was wrong with me? 

Turns out, nothing. I just needed to find the right book for the right time and that was this book by one of my favorite "comfort" read authors: Miss Read. In this novel, an English village schoolteacher who has been looking forward to the summer and checking off all manner of items on her to-do list, promptly breaks her arm at the beginning of the summer holiday. As I am a big planner, this type of setback hit close to home. Miss Read's friend Amy comes to her aid, and once the invalid is sufficiently recovered, invites her on a vacation to the island of Crete. 

The quiet pace, the humorous characters, and the gentle insights that characterize these stories are all here with the added fun of a setting quite different from the English countryside. 

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