Wednesday, December 9, 2020

No Holly for Miss Quinn

No Holly for Miss Quinn (Fairacre)No Holly for Miss Quinn by Miss Read
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It can be difficult to find a holiday read that isn't Hallmark Channel sentimentality in book form. Thankfully, Miss Read has several holiday-themed stories that deliver a festive and lighthearted yuletide. The book blurb promises, "Miss Quinn's unexpectedly hectic Christmas has a significant effect upon her life."

Miriam had long ago given up feeling guilty about her dislike of Christmas festivities, and latterly had taken pains to keep her own Christmases as quiet as possible. This year she was determined to spend it alone in her new abode, with no turkey, no pudding, no mince pies and—definitely—no holly. She might have a glass of the excellent punch that Barnabas usually gave her, with her customary light lunch, and she intended to read some Trollope, earmarked for the winter months. But too much food, too much noise and, above all, too much convivial company she would avoid. But would she be able to? (25%)

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