Sunday, October 9, 2016

I'm for....Bath

In September 2013 my mom, my daughter, and I went on a Jane Austen Tour of England. We visited a number of Austen sites, finishing our tour in Bath for the annual Jane Austen Festival. My daughter convinced us to dress up in Regency clothes to be part of the Promenade. It turned out to be such fun! I also had the opportunity to see a friend from university, who not only agreed to meet me in Bath, but to subject herself to our costuming madness!

Here are a few highlights from Bath:

A typical street near the Pump Room.

Pulteney Bridge, across the River Avon, completed in 1774.

The gallery overlooking the Roman baths.

The view of Bath Abbey from the gallery, photographed by my friend from university.

This is me in my Austen-happy-place.

The underground source for the baths. The rocks are covered in minerals from the spring water.

Our day of sartorial splendour: Promenade time.

And finally, our reward: afternoon tea and coffee with Bath buns (a sweet roll with crushed sugar on top).

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  1. Quite interesting. Really looks like a great place to trod on!