Thursday, August 18, 2016

The New World, Part I

A History Of The English Speaking Peoples, Volume 2: The New WorldA History Of The English Speaking Peoples, Volume 2: The New World by Winston S. Churchill

I've finished Book IV "Renaissance and Reformation" and am now starting Book V "The Civil War." These are some of my Goodreads updates from the past few months.

05/26 page 11 3.0% "But now the spices of the East were traveling by sea to the European market at Antwerp. The whole course of trade was shifted and revolutionized. The overland route languished; the primacy of the Italian cities was eclipsed by North-West Europe; and the future lay not in the Mediterranean, but on the shores of the Atlantic..."

05/26 page 11 3.0% "Inflation of a magnitude not seen again until 20C: due to influx of silver from America"

05/26 page 12 3.0% "The German family Fugger took over from the Medici family, with the shift from Italy to Northern Europe"

06/26 page 44 13.0% "Henry VIII versus the Pope: Boss-Battle extraordinaire!"

06/26 page 45 13.0% "The shadow of Papal wrath hung over England."

06/26 page 48 14.0% "Henry "King and Sovereign, recognising no superior in earth but only God, and not subject to the laws of any earthly creature" VIII. That's what I call a Title."

07/14 page 79 23.0% "Here were the citizens, the peasants, the whole mass of living beings who composed the nation, ordered in the name of Edward VI to march along one path to salvation, and under Queen Mary to march back again in the opposite direction; and all who would not move to the first order or turn about on the second must prove their convictions, if necessary, at the gibbet or the stake."

07/14 page 85 25.0% "But Elizabeth knew her rival. She knew that Mary was incapable of separating her emotions from her politics. The Queen of Scots lacked the vigilant self-control which Elizabeth had learnt in the bitter years of childhood. (Keeping your head on your shoulders will teach you to be vigilant)"

07/14 page 91 27.0% "Queen Mary had burnt some 300 Protestant martyrs in the last three years of her reign. In the last 30 years of Elizabeth's reign about the same number of Catholics were executed for treason." So, Elizabeth was 10X more patient than Mary Tudor?

07/31 page 103 30.0% "In the year following the Armada the first three books were published of Spenser's Faerie Queene, in which Elizabeth is hymned as Gloriana."

07/31 page 107 31.0% "Warning to the young Earl of Essex: 'Bloodthirsty and deceitful men shall not live out half their days.'"

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