Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Spectator No. 573 (Wednesday, 28 July 1714)

"The Truth of the Story is, my new Husband gave me Reason to repent I had not staid for him [Mr. Waitfort]; he had married me for my Money, and I soon found he loved Money to Distraction; there was nothing he would not do to get it, nothing he would not suffer to preserve it; the smallest Expence keep him awake whole Nights, and when he paid a Bill, 'twas with as many Sighs, and after as many Delays, as a Man that endures the Loss of a Limb."

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu writing anonymously as Mrs. President of the Club of Widows. The full text is available at Project Gutenberg. She is writing in response to Joseph Addison's earlier article lampooning a fictional Club of Widows who drive men into early graves by exhausting them, both financially and sexually. Her rebuttal is satire with plenty of laughs as well as real teeth.

Thanks to a free online course Literature of the English Country House presented by the University of Sheffield on FutureLearn, I'm discovering a treasure chest of future reads.

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