Monday, December 8, 2014

At Home with Jane Austen

At Home with Jane AustenAt Home with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson
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Head over to Austenprose for my review of At Home with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson. This gorgeous coffee table book should be at the top of the wishlist for many Austen fans.

Though Jane changed her residence many times, family and home remained the emotional center of her life. She expressed her love of home in her work, creating heroes and heroines who also cherish the idea of home, even when, like Fanny Price in Mansfield Park, they are uprooted and must learn to love a new one: “When [Fanny] had been coming to Portsmouth, she had loved to call it her home, had been fond of saying that she was going home; the word had been very dear to her; and so it still was, but it must be applied to Mansfield. That was now the home. Portsmouth was Portsmouth; Mansfield was home.”

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