Saturday, April 9, 2011

Down Time

Our household is in the throes of sickness. We made it through winter without a major problem. Now that it's starting to look nice outside, we are wrapped in blankets, drinking lots of fluids, and watching Netflix programming for hours at a time. Usually, I'm a fan of Irony.

This forces me into Down Time, whether I like it or not. I'd probably like it more if my head didn't feel like a pressure cooker. My arsenal of medication sits in the kitchen.

My kids were sick first, so they are a little better off than my husband and me. But not much. We missed most of our activities last week and will probably pass on most for next week, considering how I'm feeling. This will be good for me to experience how things "manage" to go on without me, barely registering my absence.

One of the movies we watched this past week was Tron: Legacy. Flynn talks about removing yourself from the equation, in Zen terms. Sometimes, you get yourself removed, by an Immoveable Force. It accomplishes the same result.

And you get to have some tea.

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