Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back from Beyond

I think six months is long enough for a break. We're back!
The yard is such a mess. But the butterflies LOVE it. We have tons of Swallowtails -- yellow and black with a little bit of blue at the bottoms of their wings. Sandra and Charlie have been catching them in the huge thistle patch growing at the back of our house. This morning the kids were outside trying to catch a few more when I heard Sandra yelling at our cat, "Bad kitty!" I figured he had chased away one of her targets. When she came inside and told me he had caught and eaten a Black Swallowtail, I tried to look sympathetic and hide my amusement. She'd been trying to catch one of the black ones for several days. Outdone by a feline, again!
Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Unless you are a Black Swallowtail Butterfly in our backyard.


  1. Hadn't checked for quite a while. Glad you are back. I enjoy reading your posts..........Maggie

  2. The kids are so big! Can't believe it... little girl looks just like you too! Hope all is well!