Friday, December 25, 2009

Cooking Wine

It's not like cooking sherry. It's the glass of wine I sip while I cook dinner. Sometimes I have another glass with dinner, sometimes not. The essential purpose is to mark the beginning of the end of the day.

Now, my brother might shudder at some of the wine that I drink. But, he has stated a number of times that if the person drinking the wine enjoys it, that's what matters. I'm in agreement with that ideology. I'd also like to say that I respect my brother for being "for the people" in that respect, even though he knows lots more about wine than I do and could act like a real wanker if he were so inclined.

Also, since it's Christmas, I want to say that I love my family -- my brother, my mom and dad, my husband, my kids -- everybody. God bless us, everyone. And that's not the wine talking.

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