Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cereal for dinner = I love you

I spent yesterday trying to remove wallpaper from a bathroom wall. I could describe the chain of events but if you've ever had a home renovation experience that went bad, you understand what I'm talking about without knowing any of the details. It's the familiar scenario where you assess the work that needs to be done and based on previous jobs you estimate how long it will take you. "This should take less than a day." Four days later, I'm hoping I'll be finished by the end of the week.

The epic battle was called off so that I could take my daughter to her ballet lesson. When we returned home, my husband was crashed on the couch. The kids scrambled next to him and I headed to the kitchen, rapidly revising my dinner plans. I'd defrosted some salmon earlier and had some couscous and steamed cauliflower in mind. That would take less than thirty minutes. Hm. Spaghetti and salad started to look good. That would take about ten minutes. I looked at my husband and the kids again, snuggled together in the living room. "Hey honey," I asked, "would you like a beer?" He answered, "I've got one. Would you like one?" As a matter of fact, yes I would. "And let's have cereal for dinner," he added. "You worked hard today."

I love that man.

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